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“It might sound cheesy, but life has thrown some really, really good stuff at me and some pretty bad stuff too. It’s probably because of this that I really want to help others be all they can be and hopefully a bit more.

Born into a military family, I upheld tradition and signed up to the RAF at 16. Like most teenage recruits, I fully expected my career to take me to a comfortable early retirement at 55 at which time other stuff would probably happen. But life had different plans for me.

After a horrendous accident that left me partly paralyzed at only YY years of age, I found myself with a lovely GP wife, a beautiful daughter, a senile boxer and a boisterous horse but kind of with little hope for the future. At that point, I had a choice between feeling sorry for myself or getting a grip. Thanks in very large part to Lee, my now business partner, I thankfully chose the latter.

Prior to my accident, I was a high flyer in the military, earmarked for big things. But thanks to two left feet I found myself in a personal hell hole, where, luckily Lee was my mentor. At that point, it was Lee who enabled me to see and believe that I could be and achieve what ever I wanted, despite what had happened to me.

And it was this journey of discovery that Lee and I took together that inspired Nurture. Outside of the military, I never believed I could achieve anything big. But now I have (Nurture) and I want to help you do the same. I want to help enable you to be everything you want to be and loads, loads more. Because you know what – no matter what it throws at you; LIFE IS GREAT. Oh, and it’s not all that important, but I play golf (very badly but my goal is to get a handicap this year) and I love cooking (and eating!).”

- Paul Dixon

Nurture's Founder and Strategic Director

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“Also born into a military family, I battled pretty much from the outset with cerebral palsy. After knock back after knock back, I finally persuaded the doctors to let me into the military at 18 and joined the RAF Police. Like Paul, that was where I planned to stay until about age 55 but – yup – you guessed it, life threw me a curve ball too.

To cut a long story short, a horrific car accident, a Spinal Chord Injury and 5 days of unconsciousness got me to the point where I, like Paul had a choice between feeling sorry for myself or getting a grip. Thankfully, for me and everyone around me, getting a grip was the order of the day.

12 years on, my wife's happiness is my number one priority in life shortly followed by maintaining the well being of our two crazy cats and a very old indoor rabbit. Yes, of course disability is in my daily mix, but with cycling as my outlet and Nurture heavily on my agenda, I neither get time nor have the desire to sit around feeling sorry for myself. How could I, on the basis that I’ve got a great wife, 3 fabulous bikes and another one on order?! (As you can see, I firmly believe you can never have too many bikes!).

When it comes to Nurture, it was born out of my interest in all things techy as well as the gaming industry, mixed together with the determination and resilience that I’ve built up throughout my life. For me, Nurture epitomizes what I’m about and what you could be about too. My motto is: if you want something in life, you’ve simply gotta go for it. Let those guns blaze.

Let Nurture help you be what you want to be and get what you want from life. After all; you only get one kick at that particular ball!”

- Lee Cairns

Nurture Co-Founder and Experiential Director